Have you experienced a home fire?

We hope not! However, if you have, you might have used our services.

One of the American Red Cross services is to install free smoke alarms for anyone who needs them. This service is to help prevent injury and fatality during a home fire. During our Home Fire Campaign, the Red Cross partners with local fire departments to install the alarms in homes.

The other service the American Red Cross offers is providing assistance after a home fire. For example, if your home is not safe to return to, then Red Cross provides you and your family with lodging.

For Daniel Demanche, he has seen and received both services through the Red Cross. He saw his son, who he lost, after a home fire. His son was visiting his grandmother during February vacation where the fire occurred. “The fire was caused by bad wiring in an outlet. There were no working smoke alarms in the house at the time of the fire,” Demanche said. He made sure when the Red Cross and Merrimack Fire Department were in his neighborhood that he had smoke alarms put in.

The American Red Cross responded to this fire back in February and has now met the father of the son. As Charles Hall, Senior Disaster Program Manager stated, “This comes full cycle. We responded to the home fire in Hampton, NH, assisted there and now we are installing smoke alarms in the house of the father. This is why I enjoy my job.”

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